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January 9th, 2010

Breaching Risso’s Dolphins and a gang of Gray Whales

We had a beautiful large ocean swell rolling in from the Northwest this afternoon as we left San Diego on another sunny morning. You really knew that you were on the ocean today.

After a bit of searching up and down the kelp beds I got a report from another whale watching boat that a group of Risso’s Dolphins had been spotted. It was out of our way, but I just couldn’t resist. This was the first sighting of Risso’s this season. It was definitely worth the extra distance! We had a wonderful encounter with about 15-20 of them. One of them breached almost 10 times!

Then we ran south to the North Coronado Island to check out Pelicans, Sea Lions, and to watch the swells crashing against the rocks.

On the way back north we were fortunate enough to spend some time with a group of 3 Gray Whales. Lots of flukes, as they traveled closely together. While we were waiting for the Grays to come up from a long dive we had another surprise today. A Minke Whale popped up right in front of us and gave us several great looks before we moved on with the Gray Whales again.

Another great whale watching tour. The run back home was all smiles!

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