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January 8th, 2010

Baby Gray Whale and breaching Humpback Whale in the same day!

It was another gorgeous day in San Diego. As we headed out this morning I had a good feeling about today’s whale watching tour. Yet I had no idea how exciting the day would actually end up.

Right out of the harbor we were able to observe something that is truly special. A brand new baby Gray Whale traveling with its mother. The baby was so new that it still had fetal folds on its rostrum (see photo of the baby next to its mother). Usually the whales will calve down in Baja California, however, sometimes they don’t quite make it.

After leaving the beautiful pair of whales to their journey southward we headed out to find about 100 Common Dolphins feeding offshore. Soon they were darting all around the boat and playing in our wake.

What a great trip so far. How much better could it get? Well, I decided to go exploring a little bit to find out. This is one of the nice things about running the Western Explorer, we have about a 30 mile range (one way) and I like to use it. So, we ran south about 12 miles to a spot where I have been very lucky in the last couple of weeks.

As we approached the area I spotted a large blow in the distance. YES! Soon I realized that it was the same Humpback Whale from two days ago. We watched it for about 20 minutes as it cruised along with the occasional longer dive. Then after a very long dive (10 minutes) we were getting ready to leave when we spotted its flukes again. So we decided to get one more look. And look we did as the next surfacing was a full breach with a 180 degree twist!!! And then another, and then huge lunges with streams of krill (see photo), which it must have been feeding on,  coming from both sides of its mouth. Obviously, this was a happy whales!

Another unbelievable day!

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  1. Comment from Kevin Holmes:

    Ivan, As usual you ROCK! The Whales love your gentle touch, thanks for sharing & hurry home (Bring a Humpy with you ;) )


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