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January 4th, 2010

Hundreds of Dolphins and Whales in the Kelp.

It was beautiful calm morning out on the water. We headed out of San Diego harbor to explore.

On the way down to the Coronado Islands we encountered about 20 Pacific White Sided Dolphins and then about 100 Common Dolphins. What an amazing sight! The islands were stunning today with lots of California Sea Lions basking in the sun and frolicking along the shore. After a couple of hours of searching it was starting to look like we might not see any whales today. Then I got a report of a possible sighting off of Point Loma. We headed that direction, hopeful. We spotted a beautiful Gray Whale calf, slowly meandering along the kelp line. Shortly afterwards another boat found a large adult whale just a bit to the north (maybe the calf’s mother). It was a perfect ending to a gorgeous trip!

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