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November 2nd, 2009

Getting geared up in San Diego for winter whale watching.

Well, it is all starting to come together.

I trailered the “Western Explorer” down here from San Juan Island last month and it looks like she now has a new winter home in San Diego. Beginning in December (until the end of March), I will be running her out of H&M Landing in Point Loma. I am very excited to be operating from H&M Landing, which has been a pioneer in offering whale watching trips from San Diego. They are located close to the mouth of San Diego Bay, which puts us closer to the Coronado Islands. They operate smaller boats (relatively speaking) than the big companies like Hornblower and San Diego Harbor Excursions, which makes their tours and the landing itself much more personal. However, the Western Explorer sure is different from what most people are used to around here and I am sure my little orange boat will be met with some apprehension until people get to know us. The Western Explorer style of whale watching adventure isn’t for everyone, and that is one of the reasons why I think H&M Landing is such a good fit for us. Our high speed adventure tours will be one of several options for people looking to go whale watching. Whatever you are looking for in a whale watching trip you are sure to find it at H&M Landing. The landing also happens to be located next to my favorite fish market in San Diego, Point Loma Seafoods.

I have been getting out on the boat from time to time to explore a bit on my own as well. I will post some photos soon from some of the amazing encounters I have had.

Hope to see you aboard the Western Explorer this winter!

Ivan Reiff


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