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January 24th, 2010

Risso’s Dolphins and Breaching Gray Whales!

After a week of strong winds and torrential rain, the weather finally settled enough to run trips today. It was still choppy out on the water today, but our passengers were hearty and the whales and wildlife were abundant!

This morning we found Gray Whales just about everywhere we looked and the Coronado Islands were full of Sea Lions, Pelicans, and Cormorants. The really cool part about this morning’s trip though, was finding a small pod of Risso’s Dolphins! This was only our second sighting of the season of these strange but beautiful animals.

This afternoon the wind picked up a bit more than forecasted and the water got fairly rough. We still had a great time with Pacific White Sided Dolphins and we found a pair of gorgeous Gray Whales down in the islands. To our astonishment one of them did a full breach, twice!! Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera up in time, but It will always be ingrained in my memory. That made the trip worth it for sure!

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